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Six Pack ShortcutsThe entire body-building community all over the world is all agog right now with the success and popularity of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, the exercise regimen that can give anyone a well-defined six pack abs (and lose weight in the process) in just 90 days or three months.  I will be going into a detailed review on the six pack shortcuts and see if this is true or not.  Remember though, this is a review, so if you want to visit the Official Six Pack Shortcuts website then Click Here.

Almost every man wants to have a washboard stomach that shows a wonderful-looking ripped six pack muscles. Getting it is another story. The old ways of achieving a six pack abs is formidably hard.

With Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, the myth of the tremendous amount of work of getting beautiful, well-defined abs is gone. He invariably broke the old myth and supplanted it with the idea that the calories burned in the actual exercise routine are not as important as those calories burned in the body’s resting phase!

All throughout the Six Pack Shortcuts video clips, Mike Chang discusses at length what most other people are doing wrong in their exercise routines. Chang contrasted this with the effective shortcuts that he and his clients have been doing to tone their core abs.

Six Pack Shortcuts presents a novel idea that getting a six pack should not really be that hard. There is no real requirement that one should spend hours in a workout session to do endless crunches and the like.

Six Pack Shortcuts Membership

In a nutshell, Six Pack Shortcuts is a membership program created by personal trainer Mike Chang to give access to download training and dietary videos. With its popularity, Six Pack Shortcuts has helped thousands of people to achieve great results in weight loss and the primary six pack abs muscles.

Six Pack Shortcuts, however, is not a comprehensive coverage on diet and exercise. (Mike Chang is not a nutritionist and does not have any knowledge not covered by other exercise programs.) For a product that is specifically designed to the development of the six pack abs, it is basically a solid manual showing exactly how to get a six pack abs.

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Six Pack Shortcuts Videos

One probable appeal of Six Pack Shortcuts could be the fact that it comes in slick videos and comes across as entertaining and with top-notch production values. These videos can be accessed from anywhere through the Internet.

It can also be played back in any device that plays back videos. Mike Chang describes in details the specific abs, weight, and cardio exercises that can be used collectively. The Six Pack Shortcuts video has the added appeal of Chang’s straightforward manner and with an approach that appeals to all viewers.

Six Pack Shortcuts – The Routines


The novelty factor is the change in the routines. In lieu of doing twelve, twenty or two hundred sweeping changes, Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike Chang, Your Six Pack Shortcuts Trainer!

lessons are subdivided into two simple key habits that will give anyone the six pack abs one dreams about.

Another main routine included in the Six Pack Shortcuts is the High Intensity Interval Training. This is known to be a great way to get a flat stomach fast which will be rippling with abs muscles when the time comes. Moreover, the exercise is truly needed to lose excess fat while building the muscle.

Some wrong turns of the general public

Certain routines handed down to us somehow are downright wrong according to Mike Chang. Doing too many crunches and sit-ups are simply ineffective!

Doing cardio is another ineffective way to lose fat. There are specific combinations of exercises for fat loss. Combined with acceleration techniques make it more effective.

Afterburn – The Six Pack Shortcuts Secret Weapon

In Six Pack Shortcuts, Mike Chang pointed out a little-known secret (the “shortcut”). Taking off from the intense workout one does, the number of calories your body burns is not as important as the number of calories you burn afterwards.

As the body heals itself for the next 48 hours, it needs a big amount of calories. This is the shortcut part in the Six Pack Shortcuts, the secret Mike Chang refers to, and known as the “Afterburn”.

Taking advantage of the body’s after-workout calorie burning is one very effective method of losing fat. This is one of the main points in Six Pack Shortcuts. To kick-start the afterburn effect is simply doing high-intensity cardio routines paired with moderate weight training.

This afterburn effect is so great that Mike Chang glossed over items on diet and exercise. Instead, Chang catered Six Pack Shortcuts mostly to people who do not have much time into their diets, like most of the busy young adults.

Final Verdict

So can I really get a six pack from using Six Pack Shortcuts?  My short answer to that is: it depends on you.  Mike Change provides you with the exercises and the diet plan that you need to get those awesome six pack abs, but YOU need to put in the effort.  No matter how a good program is, if you don’t put work into it, it just won’t work.  I have used Six Pack Shortcuts myself and have ACHIEVED GREAT RESULTS!  But I did put in an effort in doing the exercises mentioned in the program.  So can I really get a six pack?  Yes, if you are willing to put in the work and time and follow directions.  If you are dedicated and persistent, you will not only get a six pack by using six pack shortcuts, but you can achieve anything you want with the right mindset.  Six Pack Shortcuts is a wonderful program and I would highly recommend it to my family and friends.

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six pack shortcutsSix Pack Shortcuts – Exercise Diet And Nutrition Work Wonders

For those unfamiliar with it, Six Pack Shortcuts is one of today’s more successful Internet enterprises. To date, the program had already helped thousands improve their health and their lives.

If you want to go ahead and download six pack shortcuts, go ahead and just Click Here.

Basically, Six Pack Shortcuts is an online membership program where users can access training and dietary videos made by founder Mike Chang. It looked attractive mainly because users think there is a shortcut to developing abdominal muscles. (There is none.)

The Six Pack Shortcuts membership site is easiest to navigate, including the download of the needed training videos straight to your computer or laptop. The site also guides you literally through the four segments of Six Pack Shortcuts regimen.

Six Pack Shortcuts on Metabolism

Increasing your body metabolism is the first phase of the Six Pack Shortcuts. Our individual metabolism decides how much of what we eat we actually burn or use up.

Higher metabolism means more energy burned by your body. If you burn more energy than what you take, your body will automatically use up your stored fat for energy resulting in weight loss.

In Six Pack Shortcuts, Mike Chang uses high intensity interval training techniques. These are to increase muscle mass fast enough. In turn, increased muscle mass means greater calorie spending.

Six Pack Shortcuts on Belly fat

Phase 2 of the Six Pack Shortcuts regimen is getting rid of your belly fat. This segment focuses on that body part where men usually resign themselves to forgo ever having a good-looking abs.

This is where Mike Chang introduces his “Zero Will Power Eating System”. This is also where good nutrition is focused and whose importance to the Six Pack Shortcuts program cannot be over-emphasized.

Six Pack Shortcuts on Definition

The 3rd level of the Six Pack Shortcuts is working on defining further the abs muscles that by now should be showing. (Removing the belly fat will reveal it.)

In the program, Mike Chang guides you to a number of exercises that he had perfected to give your six pack better definition and polish. This is by carving away more belly fat.

Six Pack Shortcuts on Maintenance

After the first three phases (and all the hard work that went with it) in all the Six Pack Shortcuts videos, you might have already possessed those well-defined abdominal muscles you’ve always wanted.

Keeping it that way is the next move. The last video will show the remaining exercise routines for physique maintenance and keeping it that way.

Six Pack Shortcuts Phase 2 – Nutrition


In phase 2 of the Six Pack Shortcuts exercise regimen, we learn the importance of the right nutrition in providing the body what it needs for the right type of muscle development. Mike Chang emphasizes how vital is good nutrition in helping your body achieve that wanted physique.

This is because the right exercise and correct nutrition can only work synergistically together. The absence of one would be the failure of the other left on its own.

Carbs (carbohydrates)

Essentially, the body needs a simple sugar (glucose) to function. Carbs are converted into glucose, which in turn produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is the energy fuel for the body.

Six Pack Shortcuts makes it a point that when building muscles, the body will certainly need those carbs. Glucose (from the transformed carbs) also triggers the production of insulin that controls the entry of protein and fat into the body cells.


Like the other body-building programs, Six Pack Shortcuts also knows that proteins are the most vital nutrient when building muscles. Basically, body cells break down during exercise routines.

After the exercise, the body goes into repair mode where proteins as the body’s building blocks will make this cell re-building possible. Six Pack Shortcuts (along with the other experts) recommend that for every kilo of body weight, you need 1 or 2 grams of proteins.

Vitamins and minerals

Six Pack Shortcuts also recommends that aside from those vitamins and minerals you get naturally from the food you eat, you need to supplement them. This is to ensure your body gets its fill of these nutrients which might be in the food you cannot (or will not) eat.

Last notes on supplements: They are present in some form in the food we eat, but creatine can also be found in these supplements. They are important because they help produce ATP and glutamine. Also, try to be sure that your supplements are all natural and do not contain steroids!  That’s the secret to the six pack shortcuts.

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